Responding to Turkey’s Failed Coup: Implications for European Engagement with the Middle East

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22 September 2016

08:30-09:30: The West, the failed coup attempt in Turkey, and what it means for the Middle East

Start of private workshop

10.00: Session 1: Responding to Turkey’s failed coup: implications for European engagement with the Middle East
◼ What does the failed coup mean for Turkish-European relations on regional issues?
◼ How will the post-coup reverberations play out on regional issues of mutual concern to Europe and Turkey, including the fight against ISIS, Syria, the Kurds, refugees, as well as relations with Iran and Russia?
11.45: Session 2: The coup and the question of democracy in the Middle East
◼ What does the attempted coup mean for regional democratic efforts? How should the West respond?
◼ Where do Western interests lie in the region in the cycle of democratic transitions, coups and authoritarianism?
13.15: End of workshop



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