Al Sharq Forum has launched “Jewar” initiative

The Al Sharq Forum has inaugurated the first stage of the “Jewar” initiative by training 23 activists from 15 different countries in the Al Sharq region on “Social Peace and Reconciliation”

This initiative has a vision for the future beginning by developing the skills of young people in the East for carrying out conciliatory tasks such as social mediation and dialogue promotion in order to bring stability to troubled areas.

The first stage of the training program includes lectures and workshops on the topics: “The Roots of the Sectarian Tension in the Al Sharq Region,” “An Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Concepts and Theories” and “Means and Skills of Social Reconciliation” in the presence of a distinguished group of specialists and researchers.

As “Jewar” believes the Al Sharq region needs to solve its problems through sincere and serious dialogue and professional organized effort, it also supports establishing a core for institutional civilian work that supports social reconciliation in countries going through territorial, political and sectarian conflicts.

Since many political and sectarian conflicts in the region have dimensions that spill beyond borders, the “Jewar” initiative aims at bringing about a convergence of views and the promotion of good relations between different parties through training young people and finding a semi-permanent mechanism for coordination and regular gathering that promotes joint efforts, allows ideas and leads to exchange.

The efforts towards this initiative have culminated in a visit to one of the leading institutions in the field of social reconciliation, escorting its leaders and managers to see the project at first hand and benefit from the expertise of its staff.


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